Learn how to skillfully navigate your way through the important conversations in business and life and achieve the results you aim for using our CONVERSATION MAP.

Conversation Map

The CONVERSATION MAP guides leaders, teams and coaching clients through 10 critical conversations in business and life and the 10 skills that underpin them. In our coaching and leadership practice at Possibility inc, we consistently find these conversations and skills to be the most pivotal in bringing about change – whether it is personal change, relationship change or improvements in how leaders and their teams function. The CONVERSATION MAP has its roots in the Ontological Coaching Model developed by Alan Sieler from the Newfield Institute.


Possibility inc offers a short skills programme consisting of four power modules:

Module 1: Influential You

Learn how to build Influence with poise, presence and power

Module 2. Building Shared Commitment

Learn how to skillfully get everyone on the same page, focused on the same goal

Module 3: Coaching for Performance

Learn how to make great things happen with and through others

Module 4: Courageous Conversations

Learn how to have the difficult conversations with zero drama and optimal results

Benefits for Leaders

  • Increased influence over outcomes
  • Buy-in and commitment to decisions
  • Making a Difference where it counts

Benefits for Teams

  • Execution excellence
  • Increased alignment, belonging & support
  • Optimal energy & trust

Benefits for Everyone

  • Rewarding & robust relationships
  • Problems tackled early and decisively
  • Conflict resolved & obstacles overcame