Module 1:

Being a Leader/Learner

  • Overview of Leadership Model
  • Leader as Learner
  • Optimising your leadership impact and effectiveness
Module 2:

Influence through Listening

  • Influence model
  • Communication: with definitive focus on listening (including listening to your listening, listening for concerns, speaking to concerns)
  • Conversation for Clarity – how to improve meeting effectiveness, team effectiveness & role clarity
Module 3:

Observe and Manage Moods and Morale

  • Explore and understand the central role moods and emotions play at work
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Mood Management – getting in to more resourceful moods
  • Influencing mood and morale – including mood maneuvers
Module 4:

Precise and responsible use of language

  • 6 Basic linguistic patterns that fundamentally effect results
  • Personal and team effectiveness through the use of language
  • Taking responsibility for opinions and building the thinking capacity in the organisation
  • How to get things done well at work: Effectiveness and efficiency
Module 5:

Sustained Performance through Making & Managing Commitments

  • Understand and optimise roles and relationships between internal and external service providers and clients
  • The Commitment cycle: how to build credibility, trust and sustained performance
  • Using the commitment cycle to effectively manage projects and delivery – apply to a current challenge or project
Module 6:

Building productive teams and working relationships

  • Drexler & Siebert High Performance Team process model
  • Key Elements of Effective Teams & Relationships
  • Assessment of Team effectiveness
  • Improve a key working relationship
Module 7:

Skillful use of Conversations in business

  • Conversational Technology
  • Types of conversations with specific focus on:
    • feedback conversations
    • performance conversations
    • development conversation
    • accountability conversations
Module 8:

Leader as Coach

  • Leader as Coach: skills required for development and performance coaching
  • Framework for Coaching conversations
  • Coaching practice
  • Conclusion of Programme