Executive Coaches in South Africa


We are an association of highly experienced coaches and facilitators who have professional coach training that is ICF (International Coaching Federation) approved. Between us we have 60+ years experience and hold qualifications in the fields of psychology, human resources, change management, leadership development and learning facilitation, which enables us to bring a grounded and proven base of knowledge to our work. Where necessary we are able to draw on a select group of highly qualified professionals to support us in our work. The principal members: Erma Steyn, Jane Tough, Karen White and Lisa Hansford are known for their passion for supporting individual, team and organisational clients as they strive to realise their potential.


We build learning relationships with our clients – both leaders and teams – to ensure sustainable results. In the process of partnering we:

  • utilise our commercial orientation and business experience to build the internal capability that will set you apart;
  • have direct relationships with our clients to realise value for them and us;
  • underpin our development and coaching work with the Integral and Ontological coaching and leadership models;
  • focus on enabling you to develop the insight and skills to achieve business transformation and success;
  • are committed to real, practical and sustained learning and growth; and
  • support you to build influence and achieve success through skilful conversations and relationship mastery – with all your important stakeholders.
BEcon(Hons), Indus Psych, MA Psychology Erma is a registered Developmental Psychologist and Executive Coach with 15 years’ experience in Leadership and Organisational Development. Her expertise lies in realising potential and enabling personal effectiveness, team development and organisational growth.
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IPM Dip, PCC Karen is a certified professional coach. She has over 25 years corporate experience, much of that time spent in a variety of leadership roles, and for the past 10 years has focused on coaching and leadership development work exclusively. She enables leaders to be more self-aware, build skillful relationships, and deal…
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BA (Hons) Psychology, HRM Dip, PCC Jane is a certified professional coach who has, for the last 15 years, worked with leaders and teams in corporate and non-corporate settings to achieve their personal and collective goals. She works integrally to understand the whole person and to enable them to bring more of their full potential to their…
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IPM Dip, PCC Lisa is a Professional Certified Coach and Facilitator with a strong corporate background who works with Senior Leaders and their teams to improve individual and organizational performance. She specialises in developing insightful and aware leaders, individuals and teams so that they are able to have…
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