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Areas of Expertise: Executive Coaching, Team Coaching, Team and Leadership Development, Coach Development, Working with transitions, Conflict relationships, Stress Management
Clients: Microsoft, University of Cape Town, University of Johannesburg, Woolworths, Old Mutual, British American Tobacco, Old Mutual, Toyota Tsusho Africa, Foschini, Standard Bank, KWV, Juta & Company Publishers, The Body Shop

I worked in a corporate environment for 20 years, starting in an administrative role and ending in a senior management position. What characterized my career path and promotion was a keen interest and love of learning, which was reflected in my leadership style and imbued all that I did. This attitude and approach continues to be a key driver as a Coach and Leadership Development specialist. Since moving into coaching full time, I have built collaborative partnerships with key leaders in the coaching industry internationally in order to add value to the South African market place and to grow the skill and professionalism of coaching and leadership development.

Working with individuals, teams and organizations, I support people to get the results they want, and enable them to be their best self, appreciating a purposeful and meaningful life. I have worked with blue chip companies locally, in Africa and Internationally and am a Professional Certified Coach.

Working with individuals, teams and organizations, I support people to get the results they want, and enable them to be their best self, appreciating a purposeful and meaningful life. I have worked with blue chip companies locally, in Africa and Internationally and am a Professional Certified Coach.

Personally I seek to maintain a balanced life. I am married and a mother of two teenage sons who delight and surprise me, have a love of horses and riding, and enjoy spending my time with friends and family.

Possibility Inc is a collaboration that has grown out of those friendships, and we are passionate about connection and real relationships. We collaborate with a diverse range of other professionals with complementary skills sets and continue to build networks and partnerships.

Career and Professional Experience

Before moving into coaching on a full time basis for most of my corporate experience I was with one retail company and held a number of roles across a broad cross-section of the organization. I spent more than 10 years in the operational division, specifically in stores, store operations and at regional level, focused on human resources and general management.

I then moved to Head Office and held HR strategic roles in a number of product and service areas. For the past 9 years I have coached leaders of global companies at Executive and Senior management level in a cross section of functions, face to face, via Skype and telephonically. I have worked with people in South Africa, Kenya, Israel, Iran, Oman, and the UK.

My focus has also been on leadership development and organizational learning for the purpose of creating environments where organizations can get the best results possible and people can make a contribution they are deeply satisfied with.


Key Qualifications:
• Graduate Diploma in Ontological Coaching (Newfield Institute, Australia)
• Coaching to Excellence (GSB/Center for Coaching/NVW)
• Associate Coaching Course (GSB/Center for Coaching/NVW)
• Professional Coaching Course (GSB/Center for Coaching/NVW)
• Institute People Management (IPM) Diploma
• Facilitating Learning – Meta Practitioner (Transformational Consulting Services)
• Leadership Embodiment Coach and Teacher
• Coaching with the Enneagram Certificate Program (ACSTH)
I am a Professionally Certified Coach through the International coach Federation (ICF)


“Thank-you, so very much, for enabling both myself and our business to see possibilities that we could not see before we met. Your knowledge, professionalism and compassion enabled our business leaders, in eight countries in sub-Saharan Africa, to see the challenges they face with a new lens. Your work with us as an executive coach and facilitator of strategic workshops has enabled our Division to increase the value we add to all stakeholders in our business.”
Hylton Bannon, General Manager, Toyota

Karen very quickly worked me out. She offered me the right things at the right times. She took risks. When things didn’t work out, she tried something else. I felt safe to say: “that’s not working”. She has a style that feels flexible but is very containing. Her skill level is very high. She didn’t seem to have a script, and appeared to be working off the cuff, but I had a strong sense that she was in touch with the “theme” and the “programme”. When something was required, she seemed to have access to it immediately. She created an extremely safe space. I felt accepted and not judged. She seemed to have enormous empathy for the issues that I brought along. However, she did not allow me off the hook! She challenged me and encouraged me to take risks. If I think of all the risks I’ve taken this year, I’m boggled! But it was all done in the context of the safe container and reference points that Karen provided.

She also managed to integrate the “touchy feely” aspects of the coaching with my academic, scientifically orientated environment. I felt that my challenges to her were always met and answered thoughtfully and with depth.
Professor Alison Lewis, Head of Chemical Engineering, UCT, 2013

Karen is extremely knowledgeable in the coaching field and creates an environment that makes you feel comfortable to have an open and honest discussion. Key learnings for me was that it is absolutely fine to not have the answers to everything, it’s the thought process followed, thinking clearly and more importantly not becoming overwhelmed by the situation, but having the confidence to say, “I don’t know, but I will get back to you”. This was one of my focus areas and based on Karen’s coaching interventions, I have made tremendous progress in this regard. Thank you so much Karen for all your guidance and support during our coaching journey, I have learnt valuable lessons, that I can use for the rest of my career.
Carla Du Plessis-Khan, Audit Manager, Old Mutual

“It was an incredible life-changing journey where I was guided to understand myself better. Through your coaching I have been able to challenge my belief systems, shift my behaviour and create opportunities to change the way I was limiting or trapping myself. It is an ongoing journey, but a greater awareness has been created and I find myself shifting between ‘participant & observer’ in a far more balanced life.”
Melanie Kylie, HR Manager, Foschini Group

I have had the privilege of having a two stage coaching relationship with Karen White. Firstly, being taught robust coaching principles for an ongoing corporate coaching circle and secondly embarking on a tailored 12 session individual coaching programme. Having engaged with coaches in the past, I can highly recommend Karen’s work as world class. It has been an absolute privilege and an amazing journey working with Karen which has left me enriched and developed in ways I could never have imagined. Karen has a very perceptive nature with excellent listening skills and attention to detail. Generally reserved myself, her open and friendly demeanour has resulted in me being completely open to the coaching process and even after our first session I felt that I had made a friend for life. Karen has a holistic understanding of all disciplines of coaching and easily weave these into exercises and programmes fitting with the individual she deals with. I have grown competencies in introspection and selfawareness which has increased my emotional maturity/intelligence without which I would be a poorer individual.
I have not hesitated once in recommending Karen’s services to family and friends and can honestly say my coaching programme with Karen has enriched and altered my life irrevocably.
Lise-Mari Maartens, Competitor Intelligence Manager