Executive Coaching

is a directed, focused and personalised skills-based development programme

Executive Coaching is guaranteed to assist professionals in enhancing their effectiveness and leadership performance. Executive coaching empowers leaders to address key challenges and take advantage of opportunities, while at the same time building competence for the future.

why coaching

In today’s demanding and fast-paced business environment, there is limited time and energy to devote to developing leadership. 

A leaders’ core role is to have conversations to achieve positive action and results. This includes efficiency, productivity, transformation, sustainability and profitability through collaborative engagement with people. 

We enable leaders to pay attention to how to have conversations that get better results and increase their impact and influence.

our pedigree

We are highly experienced, professionally qualified executive coaches with specific and in-depth coach training in:

  • Integral Coaching
  • Ontological Coaching
  • Leadership Embodiment Coaching

These models provide flexibility and rigour and can be applied as a personal, team and organisation improvement methodology

what leaders gain from coaching

  • Confident and influential leadership presence
  • Effectively direct and develop people
  • Design processes that are streamlined and agile
  • Reduce inefficiencies and improve quality of work
  • Increased productivity
  • Build trusting working relationships that facilitate the achievement of the organisation’s goals
  • Develop people and a future pipeline of talent
  • Increase Emotional Agility, Resilience and Adaptability
  • Establish and maintain productive team and stakeholder relationships
  • Construct a more fulfilling career and life
  • Build the capacity for mindful action that positively influences the future

who would benefit from coaching

Coaching is ideal for entrepreneurs or leaders at any level in an organisation who want to develop their potential, who are open to learning and who are keen to develop new skills and expand their range. 

How it works

Essentially coaching is a series of learning conversations with your coach – usually between 6 and 8  – and the first step is identifying the areas you want to develop.  

With that as a base our conversations explore what you already know, reflect on who and how you are being that is preventing you from achieving the results you want, and then designing a pathway to shifting that.  We offer you new ways of observing and practicing that allow you to tap into your potential and ability through this learning journey.  

We are your partners in learning and you are the expert in you!

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