Team Coaching

A programme to create, develop and sustain high performing teams. Where teams learn the HOW TO

As a team

  • Are you frustrated because you aren’t getting the results you know you can?
  • Are you working harder than you would like or should?
  • Are you smart people individually, and stupid together?
  • Is there duplication of effort, low trust, and role confusion?
  • Do you know what the barriers are to prevent you from performing and don’t know what to do about them?

team coaching

Teams could do far better than individuals’ if they could optimise their collective value. Often though, there are barriers that prevent teams from harnessing their combined energy, efforts and resources. This negatively affects business performance such as profitability, innovation, lost time and opportunity.

Successful businesses need teams that solve complex business problems, perform optimally and meet and exceed stakeholder expectations.

We offer a programme that help teams harness their collective value and contribution, and develop excellence in all spheres relating to team work.  

what teams gain from Team Coaching

As a result of investing in our Team Coaching, teams have learned the skills and tools to better:

  • coordinate their efforts and achieve alignment
  • create buy-in for decisions and resolve conflict
  • innovate and accelerate performance
  • solve problems and overcome obstacles
  • build understanding, trust and connection
  • achieve goals and produce lasting value

Who would benefit

Any leadership and management team, project team, working team, or collaborative group that shares common objectives and requires each other’s efforts, support and cooperation to achieve exceptional results.

our approach

For teams to develop to their full potential understanding their DNA and what makes them tick allows them to build on their strengths. 

  1. Exploratory and diagnostic phase
  2. Team Coaching
  3. Embedding the learning process within the team
  4. Committing to next steps
  5. Evaluation