Conversations for Results

will rapidly improve your influence and impact.

Our Conversations for Results programme will rapidly improve your influence and impact. Conversations determine the results you do and don’t get in life.  Master the 10 most critical conversations to have in business and life and the 10 skills required to achieve success.

why conver-sations for results

In business and in life we manage things and build the future through conversations.  And yet you might…

  • find that your conversations (including email & phone calls) do not always turn out the way you expected or wanted;
  • think the meetings or conversations you attend (or even lead) are a waste of time;
  • not consistently get the results you want with the conversations you have?

what you will gain

Learn the skills and tools to:

  • have quality interactions and constructively resolve conflict
  • build trust and connection in relationships
  • solve problems faster and more skilfully
  • align teams and have more productive meetings
  • create buy-in for decisions and realise follow-through
  • produce lasting value and achieve results that matter

who would benefit from coaching

Well everyone!  And if you want us to be specific, then team leaders, project leaders, business owners, teams, parents, and families.

How it works

To navigate your way through the intricate world of conversations, we have developed a Conversation Map based on the work of world-leading executive coach and author Alan Sieler. The map guides us to and through the most skilful conversation to have in order to:

  • make progress
  • get things done
  • get unstuck
  • face up to a challenge
  • or make the most of an opportunity