Who We Are

We are highly experienced, qualified coaches and facilitators with professional coach training that is ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited. Between us we have 60+ years experience and hold qualifications in the fields of psychology, human resources, change management, leadership development and learning facilitation.

why who we are matters

Coaching is not a profession, it is an industry.  What that means is anyone can call themselves a coach (and many people do), regardless of whether they have the necessary training and education.  

We believe that coaching requires a commitment to learning the tools of the trade as well as developing artistry in the application of those tools.  

We have, and continue to, dedicate ourselves to the pursuit of excellence in coaching.


We build partnerships and learning relationships with our clients – both leaders and teams – to ensure sustainable results. 


  • We bring our commercial orientation and business experience to support you
  • We underpin our development and coaching work with the Integral and Ontological coaching and leadership models
  • We focus on developing  your capacity to achieve business transformation and success
  • We are committed to real, practical and sustained learning and growth that becomes part of your culture and way you do business long after our work together
  • We support you to build influence and achieve success through skilful conversations and relationship mastery 
Lisa Hansford, Executive and Team Coaching, Leadership Development
Lisa Hansford
Erma Steyn, Conversations for Results, Executive and Team Coaching
Erma Steyn
Executive Coaching South Africa
Karen White
Jane Tough, Executive and Team Coaching, Leadership Development
Jane Tough

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