Leadership Development Practices

Have you ever imagined what you will say at a meeting and then find it does not come out that way? Us too….When the stakes are high and the pressure is on, our habits kick in!
Habits sit in our bodies, mood and thought patterns – in short, they are embodied in our nervous system.
With regular practice, habits transform, sustainably, increasing peak performance over the long term.
We back leaders in developing new practices that bring about fundamental lasting change, allowing them to live into their potential and highest capacity.
Read more below about Leadership Embodiment practices and Mindfulness based practices below

Leadership Embodiment

Our Leadership Development Practices grow leadership presence; build resilience and confidence; strengthen compassion and empathy; and expand perspectives.  Learn tools and practices to help you be more effective in how you relate to yourself, and others, particularly when under pressure and feeling threatened.

3 Core Competencies

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Mindfulness based practices

Mindfulness-based interventions based on the work of Jon Kabat-Zinn’s reduce stress, build resilience and cultivate leadership presence, growing perspective, connection and considered, committed action.


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