Phase 1:

Exploratory and Diagnostic Phase


  • The team completes an Effectiveness Questionnaire to determine where their strengths lie and what the gaps are in their skills and performance;
  • The team has a facilitated diagnostic conversation to decide what their learning and growth focus is;
  • The team develops a customised learning plan with their coach.


Phase 2:

Team Coaching Phase


  1. Formation: the WHY
  2. Dependability: the WHO
  3. Focus: the WHAT
  4. Commitment: HOW
  5. Coordination: of the HOW
  6. Impact: the WOW: Sustained high performance
  7. Vitality: building resilience and a learning culture
  8. Self-insight: the capacity to observe 

Each workshop consists of tools, techniques and opportunities to apply the learning to current team challenges.

Phase 3, 4 and 5:

Evaluation, Learning and What's next

repeats the team effectiveness questionnaire to measure and mark progress and to develop next steps for them to reinforce their learning and build on their team development and progress made during the team coaching process.