Who We Are

We are a select group of qualified, seasoned professionals with a proven track record of success. We offer clients in-depth expertise in leadership development practices, executive and team coaching, and conversations for results.

Executive Coaching enables professionals and leaders to be more effective; address key challenges; develop the potential of their  people; take advantage of opportunities; and build competence for the future.

Team Coaching develops and sustains high performing teams by teaching them how to harness collective value; improve alignment, effectiveness and performance; and unlock their combined energy and resources

Leadership Development Practices grows leadership presence; builds resilience and confidence; strengthens compassion and empathy; and expands multiple perspectives allowing leaders to deal with complexity

Conversations for Results improves your influence and impact as you master the 10 critical conversations to have in business and life, and the 10 skills to achieve success.  These skills will enhance your effectiveness and quality of relationships.

Client Testimonials

the team

Lisa Hansford, Executive and Team Coaching, Leadership Development
Lisa Hansford
Jane Tough, Executive and Team Coaching, Leadership Development
Jane Tough
Erma Steyn, Conversations for Results, Executive and Team Coaching
Erma Steyn
Executive Coaching South Africa
Karen White

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